Clean Your Fly Line Anytime, Anywhere: Video

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By Louis Cahill

It pays to keep your fly line clean.

You can spend $90 on a fly line, these days. It just makes sense to take care of them and a big part of caring for a fly line is keeping it clean. Removing oils and chemicals, like sun screen and bug spray, will make your line last a whole lot longer. Keeping it free of dirt and river scum will make it float and cast better.

So why wouldn’t you clean your line every time you fish? 

Because it’s a hassle or because you just forget. Well the good news is it’s actually really easy and convenient. I keep a hand full of moist towelettes, like you get at BBQ restaurants, in my fishing kit. I only takes a second to clean your fly line with one of these handy wipes. I buy them by the case but you can pick them up at the local BBQ joint if you like.

Watch the video and see ho weary it is to clean a fly line.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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13 thoughts on “Clean Your Fly Line Anytime, Anywhere: Video

  1. Louis,

    Have you ever had any experience cleaning the textured lines? I’ve got an SA mastery textured line, and the gunk always seems to get stuck in the little texture divots.

  2. I fish for bass in Texas & for trout mostly in Colorado. I clean & dress my floating lines anytime the tip begins to sink, I hear the rasp of grit or notice the line doesn’t shot readily thru the guides (especially in dirtier water) and always at the end of the day when I store my gear. Some of my lines are several years old & still work great.

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  4. Much like Robbie, I try to take care of my lines but they do get used a lot. How do I know when my older lines are having a negative effect on the performance? Of course I would like to get new line, but it always seems like I’m on a tight budget.

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