Your GPS Might Be Trying To Kill You

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What the hell happened to all the beer? photo by Louis Cahill

I’ve said a hundred times that my iPhone will be the death of me. I always thought it would end with me texting while driving ninety five miles an hour. But apparently Hal has something more sinister up his sleeve.

NPR reports that more and more people who have become over reliant on their GPS systems are getting lost in dangerous remote places. At least one person has died in California’s Death Valley after being stuck on an abandoned mining road for five days. A check with the mapping company revealed over one hundred fifty nonexistent roads on the GPS software.

This has happened to me, thankfully not in Death Valley. It’s easy to get dependent on our gadgets and with more folks on the water than ever we’re all going further out of our way to fish. It’s fun to explore and find a new spot. It sucks to die of exposure. So take along a good map if you’re blazing new trails or just leave a trail of beer cans.

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2 thoughts on “Your GPS Might Be Trying To Kill You

  1. Notice the the language of GPS users is the same as those of heroin junkies? They’re both driving around trying to get a fix.

    Coincidence? I think not!

    You’d be surprised how many mountain brooks and streams that have probably never been fished in decades you can find with old USGS maps. They’re easy to find on the net.

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