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By Louis Cahill

Here’s another tip on taking better photos on you next fishing trip.

Everyone wants a hero shot with that monster fish but lots of people don’t think about all the details that go into a fishing trip when they are shooting pictures. These kind of detail shots tell the story of how you got to that fish. That’s what will really make your buddies who didn’t make the trip jealous. Take the time to get shots of the flies, the gear in the back of the truck, your buddies getting off the plane. When you get home, make a slide show and show it off. You will be surprised how many more invitations you will get for fishing trips.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline

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5 thoughts on “Tell a Story

  1. Not sure they realized it at the time but DROPBOX, it turns out, is the pluperfect venue for chronicling a fishing experience. Since 2015, the same dirty dozen of us have spent a glorious week @ Bair’s Lodge in South Andros, each with different phone, GoPro, and drone pics and videos, few if any we get to watch during the actual week of action. Instead, we post them when we get home, then share our reactions via the “comments” feature. Thanks to DROPBOX, “… wait’ll ya see what we did today” has become the theme of the week every year, and the after-trip mass viewing is almost as much fun as the experience itself!

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