Sunday Classic / There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Perm

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Let's Add A Happy Little Perm  Photo by Louis Cahill (mostly)

Let’s Add A Happy Little Perm Photo by Louis Cahill (mostly)

You know what they say. There are no small permit.

Just permit, and big permit.

Permit enjoy the reputation of being the toughest fish there is, at least to catch on the fly. On my last trip to the Keys I was living proof. I got some legitimate shots at some nice perms and was blanked for five days on the water. I even got some ridiculously good shots at some little rats who buzzed all over my fly to no purpose.

That’s permit fishing. You can get shots and do everything right and still come away without a fish. In some perverse way, I guess that’s what makes it fun. It’s all about timing. It’s all about getting the right shot at the right fish at the right time. Permit are a harmonic convergence.

My buddy Joel Dickey was very harmonic that week. While I was blanked, Joel landed four permit in four days. All between eighteen and thirty pounds. Some people just have to show off. I’d have been happy with a bluegill-size fish. Because there’s no such thing as a bad perm.

Really, I’m happy for Joel. So happy I decided to put Bob Ross’s head on him for the hero shot.

Happy perms and happy clouds. If you can’t catch permit, you can always drink.

Here’s Bob Ross to teach you how!

The Bob Ross Drinking Game Rules:

Take a sip when Bob…

  • Talks about how beautiful a color is
  • Cleans his brush
  • Talks about how much he loves cleaning his brush
  • Paints with anything besides a brush
  • Says “That’s all there is to it”
  • Tells you not to worry about whatever it is you’re painting too much
  • Says “Ok, let’s have some fun”

Finish your drink when Bob…

  • Assures you that you CAN do it (have to prove Bob right)
  • Is inspired to paint something he originally had no intention of adding
  • Paints with his finger
  • Finishes his painting (Now everyone’s finished!)

Now that you have your rules, here’s an episode to play with.

Come drink with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline 
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