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Mike Sepelak is a free man.

Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in February, Mr Sepelak’s long running legal nightmare has come to an end and he is once again free to wade the rivers and streams of North Carolina. The lawsuit, filed by the RFA has been thrown out and the details will now surely come to light in coming weeks.

“It’s been a long slog, fighting the deep pockets of the RFA, but after numerous appeals and a rigorous climb up the judicial ladder, none other than this great land’s Supreme Court vacated all of the lower courts’ judgments, citing as precedent our present “state of affairs.” Ginsburg wrote for the majority:…”

Congratulations Mike! Glad you are back. We are happy to know you are out there, fighting the good fight for the rest of us. Stay strong brother. We have your back.

Click here to see the images for Mike’s incarceration in the state of Louisiana.

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