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The past weeks Photo Caption Contest was a huge success. Louis and I were blown away by the large amount of participation from our readers, and we thank you all for providing us many good laughs. With well over 50 entries, I found it difficult to pick a winner, so to be fair, I dropped these seven hilarious entries into a bucket and drew a winner.

Top 7 Entries that Stood Out Among the Rest

1. Winner: Fish camp, Day 4: Having left his toothbrush on the float plane, Ed wakes to the haunting realization that the repercussions of this mistake are only starting to emerge… 

2. After a long winter of PBR and venison Sausage….the “Stash hatch begins”!

3. Victims of the almighty Sarlacc, his excellency hopes you will die honorably. But should any of you wish to beg for mercy, the great Jabba the Hut shall now listen to your pleas.

4. That’s the last time I let Louis cook breakfast.

5. She didn’t know if it was the stale whiskey on the breath or the warmth of the untended beard that cast all of her inhibitions aside the night before, but in that sober, waking moment, Suzy realized she’d given away trout secrets that had been passed down from generation to generation. And she would now rather chew her own ass off than wake this wild beast up.

6. I wonder if he will notice the 60 babies I just dropped in his chute?

7. Twice a day I have to crawl out of this hole to clean the crumbs out of this guys beard. A thankless job.

Congratulations to Brad Wallace for winning the caption contest.

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