Deneki Outdoors Moves On Under New Owners

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Andrew Bennett with a BC Steelhead  Photo by Louis Cahill

Andrew Bennett with a BC Steelhead Photo by Louis Cahill

A friend told me once, “if you think you have a good idea, ask Andrew Bennett. If it’s a good idea he’s thought of it and if it works he’s done it.”

It’s now public that Andrew Bennett has sold Deneki Outdoors to Amy and Dan Herrig of Dallas TX. The Herrigs operate several well respected lodges in Alaska, Chile and Baja and for now have no plan to change the operations at Deneki. True to his character Andrew has found buyers who respect the brand, the staff and the spirit of Deneki Outdoors.

I would like to reassure our readers that nothing will change regarding the Gink and Gasoline hosted trips. Our relationship with Deneki remains strong.

Andrew Bennett is a very good friend of mine. I would love and respect Andrew if he had never picked up a fly rod, much less bought a fishing lodge. He is one of those very rare people you run across who combines intelligence and drive with compassion and generosity. He’s a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with and even better to fish with.

Andrew’s decision to sell Deneki Outdoors was a personal one and we will leave it at that. I will tell you this, it was not a case of a guy cashing out and padding his bank account. It was more about having a solid long term plan. It was important to Andrew that the family he brought together rested in good hands. I look forward to working with the new owners and I’m excited for Andrew and what lies ahead for him.

Andrew will be doing marketing consultancy and if you are a business owner reading this, you’d do well to pick up the phone and call him right now. I have never known a smarter and more motivated individual.

On a personal note, I’d like to publicly say thank you to Andrew Bennett. You have been A mentor to me and I would not be where I am today if not for your generosity. Thank you my friend. I think I speak for everyone in the industry when I say you will be missed.

You can read a more fact-laden less personal account (HERE)

If you don’t already follow, you should. Andrew remains the voice of Deneki for at least the next year.

If you are looking for a fishing destination the lodges of Deneki Outdoors are hard to beat. Get more info (HERE)

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

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5 thoughts on “Deneki Outdoors Moves On Under New Owners

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    • Some of my fondest memories are wading through the flats on andros with Andrew. Everyone at Steamboat Flyfisher wishes him the best in his new endeavors. And yes, eventually everyone is outfished by Louis. Whether we like it or not.

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  3. Andrew gets my best wishes – though we never had the chance to fish together we did manage to spend a some time at both Alaska West and Andros South. His camps are well run with excellent staff, and hopefully no major changes will take place under new ownership. Maybe our paths will cross somewhere down the raod. If not take care.

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