Vedavoo Gear – Deluxe Tightlines Sling Pack & Arc System

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I’ve always looked up to individuals that have the God given talent to design and build things with their own two hands. Scott Hunter, owner of Vedavoo, happens to be one of those individuals. He’s crazy smart, super likable and he’s not afraid to take the road less traveled. Scott Hunter clearly takes his own unique approach, when it comes to designing and manufacturing his fly fishing packs and other outdoor enthusiast gear. For staters, 100% of Vedavoo gear is built-to-order in the USA, and every Vedavoo product is manufactured from American made fabrics and hardware. That’s something you rarely see from companies these days, when it’s so easy to cut costs and go overseas. Scott has a true knack for creating super functional gear that’s simplified. Just take a close look at the superb design of the Tightlines Sling Pack, and you’ll quickly see why its created such a buzz in the fly fishing industry. We’re very proud to help spread the word about Scott Hunter today, and we ask you all to support the Vedavoo brand.

Check out the product video with Scott Hunter, as he talks with us about the latest Vedavoo gear and news.

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4 thoughts on “Vedavoo Gear – Deluxe Tightlines Sling Pack & Arc System

  1. I love all the things I’ve bought from Scott. Bought the sling first and have since added the Spinner Daypack. Great functionality and great workmanship and just seems like a really nice guy who’s passionate about his work.

  2. Hey Kent. I really like the tightness pack as I do not like wearing a vest. I am wondering if you have ever come across a pack, or sling that you can attach a rigged rod too? I do a lot of walking and wading and when I am swinging a streamer, I also bring another rod for dry and nymph fishing. But having to walk back to pick up the rod after working a run is a drag and wasted fishing time.
    Would be great if there was or do you feel that there is a need for that sort of gear?
    Thanks man.

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