Umpqua, Making Your Life Easier

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Umpqua has some cool packs and accessories for the coming year, which are bound to make your day on the water a little easier.

Theres something the new line for everyone. Ambidextrous sling packs and a cool net and accessory belt for wade anglers and for the drift boat crowd Umpqua brings its handy organizer to your cooler. Be warned, you’re going to want this stuff.

Check out the video to see new products from Umpqua.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Umpqua, Making Your Life Easier

  1. Very cool stuff! I’ve been wanting something like that for my cooler ever since they released the one for the Rubbermaid boxes. FYI you can make the yeti’s snag proof if you take out the pin that holds the latches and then flip the latches so they are flush with the side of the cooler. Yeti has a video showing this process.

  2. That’s a pretty slick looking net belt!!! I’ve been looking at picking up a fishpond net for a bit, and been looking for a good way to carry it. I’m going to have to get my hands on that belt and give it a workout.

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