The Ultimate Cold Stopping Fleece Buff

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My fleece buff is the one piece of gear I absolutely cannot live without.

That became all too clear to me when the temperature plunged into the single digits and I realized I had misplaced my fleece buff. It’s my winter fly fishing equivalent of Tony Stark’s iron suit. With it, I’m impervious to cold, with out it…uhhhh, I don’t like to think about it. It’s a recipe for winter misery.

My fleece buff is homemade. My wife made it for me years ago and it was almost free. The secret is the fabric. It’s not just fleece, but 300 GSM (grams / square meter) wind-stopper fleece. Even a gale doesn’t penetrate it. It seals up the top of my jacket and puts up over my face and head, covering exposed skin and stopping heat loss where it’s the worst.

Best of all it’s cheap and easy to make. Mine is made from a piece of fleece, 10″ wide by 24″ long. You can adjust the measurements to fit your head. Just fold it over and sew one seam along the 10″ ends. Fleece does not unravel so cut the edges straight and they will be fine unfinished.

Make yourself one of these and you’ll never know how you lived without it. It will keep you out fishing while your friends are begging to go back to the truck. Just be sure to buy plenty of fleece because all of your friends are going to want one.

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Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cold Stopping Fleece Buff

  1. Louis:

    Thanks for the pattern. I have a fleece buff that I love and it is pretty effective, however, it is not made from the wind-stopper fleece. I have several shirts made from that material, and they rock – I think of them as my cold weather armor.

    My daughter loves to sew, so this will be a great project for her to work on for me (and possibly many of my friends).

    I fly fish year round, in north/central New York and I can attest to the simple fact that you can catch fish on the coldest days – if you can keep your body warm.

  2. I’ve got a factory made similar one, also without the windstopper. It does stop enough wind and I can close it up with a chord. My idea behind clothing in winter is to be warm enough nit to have to wear gloves. I don’t like gloves.

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