The Truth About Scientific Anglers

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2016 will go down in history as the year of the tippet wars.

It seems that every manufacturer has new tippet and leader material this year, each claiming to be stronger than ever before. That’s probably true across the board. Advances in tippet technology happen at a global level and companies respond quickly. Scientific Anglers is making an interesting promise that’s about strength but also about truth.

The new SA tippet comes in guaranteed sizes. It seems that there may have been more variation in tippet diameter than we have known. Not just from SA but across the industry. That 6X you’ve been fishing may have been 5X all along. If you’re a technical trout angler this this should get your attention. SA is promising to put this to rest and guarantee the tolerances on their tippet.

There other news form SA in 2016, including new lines. Some very cool sink tip options with better turnover and improved performance.

Check out this video for some truth form Scientific Anglers.

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