The Simms Vapor Elite Jacket

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Simms makes some pretty incredible outerwear.  

It has always impressed me that Simms understands there are a lot of different kinds of fly fishing and as many kinds of anglers. They don’t just design a rain jacket. They design a rain jacket for a specific situation. That means you have exactly the gear you need, when you need it. 
The Vapor Elite jacket, winner of Best Mens Outerwear at IFTD 2015, is a great example. This jacket is designed to keep you dry in hot climates, howling gales and pack away in very little space. It uses Gore-tex seaweave fabric with three layers of protection and weighs almost nothing. Perfect for saltwater anglers or anyone on the water in warm weather. 

Check out this video for the details.     

Louis Cahill
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One thought on “The Simms Vapor Elite Jacket

  1. Given the last two weeks of rain we have had in GA ive been eyeballing new rain jackets & simms seems to have some great options to choose from. Multiple styles & options where others just have a couple to choose from.

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