The Simms GT Tri-Comp Fishing Shirt

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One of the coolest new products I saw at IFTD this year is the Simms GT Tri-Comp fishing shirt.

Apparently, I was not the only one who thought so. The GT Tri-Comp won best in show for its category. And it’s no wonder, it’s an amazing design.

The GT Tri -Comp uses three different technical fabrics for zone specific performance. Surfaces that are heavily exposed to the sun utilize Simms Solar-flex sun protection while areas that can constrict the motion of casting are made of stretch nylon. Cool control panels under the arms are infused with pulverized jade to pull heat away from your body. I don’t know whether to wear this shirt or fly it!

There are lots of other smart design features in the GT Tri-Comp, including one they’re calling the “Louis Cahill feature.” Watch the video to see what it is.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

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4 thoughts on “The Simms GT Tri-Comp Fishing Shirt

  1. Sweet. The folks up in Bozeman have upped their game for sure. There’s several things that I can wait to get my hands on from Simms when they release their new gear, this shirt being one item that I definitely want. I’m glad to see the “Louis Cahill” feature on some of the shirts. That will be really nice for sure. Simms is the shiznit

  2. Nice! Love the new technology and the Louis Cahill feature is a wonderful addition! Unfortunately I will never wear the shirt even though I am a fishing guide because, you see, I am female and this is not for women :\

  3. You should check out some of the Howler Bros. shirts. Lots of them have chamois built into the breast pocket. its good stuff

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