The Fishpond Roll Top Boat Bag Makes My Life A Whole Lot Easier

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Are all boat bags created equal?

As soon as I got my new Adipose drift boat I went shopping for a boat bag. It’s the one boat accessory that’s as essential as oars or an anchor. Having your gear organized, accessible and protected in the boat is a must. There are a lot of boat bags on the market and most of them are pretty similar. As soon as I saw the Fishpond, Westwater Roll Top Boat Bag I knew I’d found the one for me.

The bag is roomy. 9″W X 17″L X 12″H. The interior is divided Into three convenient compartments by movable panels attached by Velcro. There are two cool zipper pouches, with clear fronts, which attack by Velcro and can be moved anywhere on the inside of the bag. These are really nice for cell phones and car keys as well as small gear items that like to go missing in gear bags. There is also a clear inner flap with a zipper compartment for frequently used items. The bag is rugged with a tough formed bottom, a comfortable carry strap and several places to fix items on the outside.

Sounds like every other boat bag on the market so far, right? Well, here is the very significant difference. The closure of this bag is a completely waterproof roll top, like you see in dry bags used by white water rafters. This is huge for me. It means that can put my camera and a couple of lenses in one of the compartments and it’s 100% safe from water.

If I get caught in a storm, no problem. Drop the bag getting in the boat, no worries. Sink the boat??? Unlike my heavy pelican case this bag will float. That means I don’t always have to carry a separate camera case and my life just got a whole lot easier. In fact, this bag would make a great camera bag itself. Expensive video camera or sound gear would be safe and dry, no matter what.

Anything you don’t want to get wet while your out in the boat will be safe and dry in the Westwater Roll Top. Still skeptical?

Watch the video, you might be shocked how much I trust my Fishpond boat bag.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “The Fishpond Roll Top Boat Bag Makes My Life A Whole Lot Easier

  1. I have this bag too and like it alot. It is very roomy but not too big for airline carry-on, which a big plus. The horizontal format is better for finding stuff at the bottom of the bag vs the more traditional vertical roll-top bags.

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