Simms Bounty Hunter Luggage

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If you travel to fish Simms has you covered.

Fly anglers have some pretty specific needs when it comes to travel. Not every traveler has to worry about packing wet boots and waders,,for,example. So why not get your luggage from folks who understand what you need?

The new Simms Bounty Hunter rolling bag has lots of cool features designed specifically for anglers on the go. Rod tube storage that’s easy to access and lockable, a dry bag to hold waders and boots and spaces designed to carry common Simms gear. It’s a pretty smart bag and the winner of best luggage at IFTD 2015.

In this video Rich Hohne shows off the features of the Bounty Hunter.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Simms Bounty Hunter Luggage

  1. How heat is this luggage empty?
    Because airliners are pretty strict with luggage weight and if your luggage case is already 15-20 pounds by them selves it’s gonna be an expensive trip.

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