Simms 2014 Wading Boots Change The Way You Wade

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Simms has some exciting new ideas in wading boots for 2014.

The new Simms wading boots are truly redesigned from the ground up. The guiding principal in the new designs is based on the idea of proprioception. (Yes, I had to look that up) The idea is that when your foot can feel what you’re walking on, your balance is better. The new Simms wading platform gives your foot more feel so you can wade with confidence. It’s a simple but powerful idea.

Simms doesn’t stop there. The entire line-up of boots for 2014 are radically innovative, including the new G4 BOA boot. This boot design solves problems which have plagued the BOA system from the start. It’s a very exciting design.

Watch the video and Rich Hohne will show you some of the exciting ideas Simms has for your feet.

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4 thoughts on “Simms 2014 Wading Boots Change The Way You Wade

  1. Hey Kent

    Those are neato! I bet BOA is finding a better home in the fly fishing world than where many people saw it first, snowboarding. The issues people have seen from BOA include stiffness actually..and breaking. The wire lacing system doesn’t flex like laces, and people found out that the flex of laces was actually what they like. The force of impacts and the flexing involved in snowboarding also left a lot of BOAs simply broken. However, fly fishing does not demand as much impact and flexing that snowboarding does, so I see BOA being a good fit for fly fishing. Also, I am willing to bet Simms does a warranty that snowboarding companies would not.

  2. About time. I’ve been promoting boots with “feel” like wading booties for a long time. You’re often wading by braille and the old school clod hoppers are just too stiff.

    Now we need to get Simms to make a thinner neoprene sock on their sock-foot waders for a better fit and feel. I fit people for waders every day I guide and the bulky neoprene sock often requires the angler to wear a wading boot 1-3 sizes bigger than their street shoe to avoid squeezing their toes.

  3. Thanks, Louis. Terrific info. Those of us who can’t get to all those shows appreciate you showing us the new stuff on video with the tech folks.

    Wading boots are such an important safety item. As an age-challenged angler who still pushes the limits wading, I am always looking for an equipment edge to keep me standing.

    I also have been looking for a hiking/wading boot for my 4-5 mile treks in and out of our small N. Ga. streams, and the multipurpose lighter boot looks quite intriguing.

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