Seriously COOL Gear from Yeti

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Yeti has changed the cooler market.

The Yeti cooler has has become the must-have accessory for fly fishermen in recent years. You’d almost expect Yeti to be riding the gravy train with their incredibly popular high-end coolers. But far from coasting, Yeti is working hard on new innovative products like the Hopper, a soft side cooler that offers Yeti performance.

My favorite new Yeti is the Rambler. I almost never leave on a fishing trip without this space age to-go cup in my hand. It keeps my coffee hot and doesn’t spill. After all, you can’t catch fish if you’re asleep.

Check out this video to see the features of these great new products from Yeti.


Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Seriously COOL Gear from Yeti

  1. I love my rambler and my hopper. I take my hopper and carry it on the plane and then when I get where I am going, I have a cooler with me. And I live all day using my Rambler. That thing is the best. I have coffee in the morning and bourbon at night. One time I left it in my car for 5 hours during the Florida summer and when I came back the water in it was still cold. It is my go-to drinking container throughout the day.

  2. the Yeti’s are great but it’s a lot to keep up with. On a recent trip to LA for reds we spent every stop watching the boat for would be Yeti thieves as that is the popular trend. Dont get me wrong they make great coolers but for 300 bucks for a regular sized one plus if you buy “their” security kits you’re looking at 400 bucks. Thats a lot of ice to justify that cash. And not to be naggy but ive had way too many hang ups on the rubber latch while casting on top of one.

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