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Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-12.37.30-PMThere is no greater advantage in fly fishing than seeing the fish.

I don’t care what your fishing for, your odds go way up when you see the fish. To make that happen you need good polarized glasses. I’m a big fan of Smith Optics. Smiths are all I have worn for many years. They are high quality glasses that don’t break the bank and they are always on the leading edge of technology. They have hands down the best prescription program and they are tough as nails. Just a few weeks ago I dropped a pair of Smith Chemists with glass lenses on a gravel road and stood on them with my dirty wading boot while I shucked off my waders. I bent them right back into shape and kept going.

Choosing the right glasses can be a tough choice. There are a lot of options and application. In this video Peter Crow from Smith Optics talks with me about some of their new products and how to choose the right glasses for you.

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5 thoughts on “See More With Smith Optics

  1. Love your gear interviews, Louis. It is amazing the advancements we are seeing in optics.

    I agree that Rx sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of equipment, and they are used all the time so it is well worth it to invest is good glasses.

  2. I depend on my Smith bifocals for fly fishing! Would be lost without them. 😉 I can’t remember when I started using Smith glasses, it’s been a very long time. I have several pair that I have used for rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, disc golfing, etc. They are ALL still in great shape and going strong. I imagine that if I don’t loose a pair, they will last longer than me.

  3. Interested by what I saw/heard in the video, I spent some time on the Smith website trying to figure out what lenses are available for prescription. I called them, and neither the ChromaPop nor the Ignitor are available for prescription.

    Found this all confusing, as the video talked about prescription lenses, etc. Clearly, anyone with a prescription should got with Costa 580p, like I am doing- they at least offer high-level prescription options.

    • It is true that those lenses are not available in some prescriptions. This is an ongoing issue for me as I have a very strong prescription. Smith still has some great lens options, even for me. Costa can not meek my prescription in any lens, which frankly pisses me off. Glasses are for blind people.

  4. Interesting comments. I just got a perscription for sunglasses for fishing. The doc told me that Smith does perscription in the Chromapop and recommended I get that lens. When I go to order them I will get the details and let you know.

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