Scientific Angler Makes Waves

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New fly lines from SA are making a bold statement.

Scientific Anglers is certainly a storied brand in the fly fishing industry. The recent change of ownership has had a lot of anglers wondering what’s next for SA. The answer seems to be some bold new lines at a price anglers are really going to like.

The introduction of the SA Frequency Lines is definitely making waves. Six taper options loaded with SA features all for $49. That about half of what some fly lines are selling for these days. I don’t see how they can fail.

In this video our friend Johnny Spillane talks with product developer Andrew Bosway about the Frequency Lines and a few other new offerings from SA.

Louis Cahill
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6 thoughts on “Scientific Angler Makes Waves

  1. I realize video isn’t your bread and butter, but…. If you are gonna do video, pay more attention to details, like sound. I simply couldn’t understand what I suspect was a great interview. Meant to be constructive.

  2. This SA line shows that one can purchase a quality fly line without paying through the roof for the name–I agree with Dave, I could barely hear what the guy was saying, poor sound!!

  3. I apologize for the audio difficulties. Like Louis said, there is a ton of back ground noise at the show. Specifically at the SA booth because it’s an open booth, no walls to block out that noise. I edit and record these video’s with headphones on and i can clearly understand what he is saying. I messed with the audio on this video for well over an hour and this is the best i could get using FCPX. I do hear a difference with using external speakers but i think one of the problems is the SA rep doesn’t open his mouth much when he talks. Once again I apologize for the problems and please feel free to criticize away. I am always open to opinions on how to improve the content we put out. Next year we will have better MIcs. and maybe a hot girl to do the interviews. Maybe also a fluffer.

  4. Definitely a fluffer…

    A clip on lapel mic does wonders. Strategicly placing the interviewer, camera op and a volunter or two can ‘box in’ the sound to help capture the interview and exclude the background noise. By no means will anyone think you are in a recording studio but it can help.

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