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“Do you really need a Yeti cooler?” Asks Steven Brutger, of Staling The Seam.

Love them or hate them, the Yeti cooler is one of the biggest success stories in the outdoor industry. With sales, possibly equaled only by GoPro, Yeti coolers have become the new status symbol for the outdoorsman with everything. And like all status symbols, they don’t come cheap.

While a lot of the guys you see driving around with Yeti stickers on their cars don’t need, or often even own a Yeti, there are folks who legitimately need that level of performance out of their cooler. Steven Brutger, of Stalking The Seam, is an avid hunter, angler and ex-NOLS instructor. He has a pretty good grasp on what you need and don’t need in a cooler.

In his article, “Do You Really Need A Yeti, ” he does a great job of separating the facts from the hype. Reading this article could save you $300-$400 or it could just talk you into spending it. Either way, you’ll know if that Yeti on you Christmas list is something you need or just want.



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