Rising Tools, The Best Value In Fly Fishing

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There are few products in fly fishing that I’m as excited about as Rising tools.

Everything these guys make is clever, well designed, rugged and flat out cheap! Their nippers, for example, are the best I’ve ever used. Better than $100 nippers and they cost $12! I honestly don’t know how they do it.

I’ve been using Rising tools for the last couple of years. I commonly carry a Rancher, a Crock and nippers. I use them in saltwater and fresh and they all work like the day I got them. I have one of their boat nets and even a flask. Everything you need for a productive day of fishing!

Read my review of Rising tools HERE.

Buy Rising Tools HERE.

And watch this video to see what’s new from Rising.


Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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14 thoughts on “Rising Tools, The Best Value In Fly Fishing

  1. THANK YOU LOUIS ! — so psyched to see read this post this morning.. Great motivation to hit the shop and fabricate nets all day. Appreciate the props and the help getting the word out, for as you know, we are not that great at marketing.. THANKS

  2. Grabbed two pairs of the big nippers, one for me and one for my wife and they’re ridiculously sharp and stay ridiculously sharp. I’ve been able to cut 20 pound braid with them which is crazy…

  3. Best tools out! The croc makes releasing the fish effortless, and especially when they are happily staged in the water in the new Rising Net.

  4. Cheers to Rising. Have been keeping my kit ultralight with their Flask Pack on my belt for a few years now. If I can’t make it fit in there, I’m taking too much stuff!

    Ultralight pliers and small nippers are also a steal.

  5. Ive used plenty of tools in my day but the croc and the other tools from Rising have been hands down the best. I know these guys put a ton of work into their products and it shows, I’ll never switch to anything else. Love it guys, keep up the good work!

  6. Have carried Rising gear for years….it is the best! High quality and thoughtful design. Have carried the same nippas for years and still razor sharp.

  7. The Ranchers r the jam for u toothy critter guys out there. Long and Strong. Down to get the friction on. So ladies yea ladies…….

  8. Awesome tools but the 6″ Rancher has been discontinued in 2015, at least according to Dylan 🙁 Dylan is fantastic. He was so great to deal with when I was trying to track down some of his gear. These guys deserve everyone’s support!

  9. Solid, solid, solid. Everything I own from Rising has been the definition of value, with something as simple as the Nippas highlighting this (I own multiple pairs to keep with different jackets or packs – at the price point redundancy is a no-brainer). The flask pack, the Lippas, all great. An American company making innovative, great gear – Dylan runs a killer business.

    • Weird. I went on the site within a couple days after this post and ordered two big nippers and a coil leash. They immediately responded, asking if I wanted something engraved on the nippers for free. I did just that and they arrived a few days later. Awesome product and outstanding service.

  10. The Rising Big Nippa is an essential tool! Don’t hit the river, stream, lake, pond or sea without it. I’m also a huge fan of the Bobs Tactical Scissors and Alum Lippa4Life. I always have them with me while hunting trout and stripers. Keep it up Rising, love your stuff!!

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