RIO Winter Redfish Fly-Line And Knots Video

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The Folks at RIO are always working to put you on fish.

RIO has lead the way in specialty fly lines. That paid off in 4 big wins at the IFTD show this year. One of the great new products which won was the Winter Redfish Line. An aggressive taper made for targeting bull reds in the colder months.

Another winner was the Knot Tying DVD. RIO has done an excellent job demonstrating and testing 29 great fishing knots. Theres more to this disk than you might guess.

Check out this video for all the details on the RIO Winter Redfish Line and Knots DVD.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “RIO Winter Redfish Fly-Line And Knots Video

  1. 29 knots? Outrageous that they could not cull the best 3 or 4. Your average angler does not want to know every knot – just the only few they need:

    Here’s my list:

    Tippet to fly: Double Davy (Time to give up the archaic and inferior Improved Clinch)

    Tippet Splice: Infinity(Fig 8). Faster and better than the Blood or Surgeon’s

    Articulated tippet to fly: No-Slip Loop

    Leader/Backing to fly line: Uni-Knot

    END of STORY

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