Quick-Cast Rigged Rod Transport System

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Let’s face it, not all of us have pickup trucks or large SUVs capable of safely stowing away our prized fly rod on the go (pre-rigged). If you’re the run and gun type, or you despise having to stop every 100 yards during remote hike-ins to and from the water to de-snag your leader or fly line, the Quick-Cast Rigged Rod Transport System has the potential to suit you well.

At this year’s IFTD show in Las Vegas, the LT Series Transport System by Quick-Cast, took home the Best New Fly Fishing Accessory Product Award, and with a little practice using this simple system, you’ll be able to setup or stow away your pre-rigged fly rod in 30-45 seconds. Like it or not, the Quick-Cast system is an innovative product. I actually think it’s a pretty cool concept for the fly angler that feels the need to always have a rod ready to go at all times (in the back seat or on the dash) or the die-hard combat fisherman that finds themselves bushwhacking to remote sections of water regularly.

Look for the Quick-Cast Transport system models to be available for purchase sometime during the 2014 season. Right now this newly established company is getting manufacturing and distribution channels in order. We’ll keep you posted if we catch wind of them opening up shop.

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6 thoughts on “Quick-Cast Rigged Rod Transport System

  1. Pretty slick. I break my rod in half then use a Rod Keeper and a reel case to keep the strung up pieces together. This looks like a more elegant solution…will have to keep my eyes out for the release.

    • Eric,

      What about when you’ve got to put the pedal to the metal for a few miles in between spots or you’re dealing with bumpy roads? I’ve come close to losing a few rods with the wind shield wiper gig. Situations like that, I could see this product helpful.


      • I’ve done this for years as well. It works in a pinch, and thankfully I’ve never broken a rod before. It’s extremely convenient for longer rods when you’re bouncing from place to place. Just recently had a near-miss when two of my rods slid off the windshield though. Luckily I slowed down quick enough and somehow the rod tips weren’t broken. Needless to say I’m investing in a Sumo rod carrier.

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