Put Some DeYoung on Your Yeti

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There are few artists as immediately recognizable as Derek DeYoung.

Derek’s bold images have changed the look of fly fishing. Now he’s looking to change the look of your Yeti cooler. These new Yeti cooler accessories are styling and tough as nails. They’ll give your cooler, and your boat, a full custom look, DeYoung style.

In this video Derek shows off the features of his new Yeti accessories.


Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Put Some DeYoung on Your Yeti

  1. Agree with nate… Can’t justify a 350 cooler and adding an incredibly overpriced deyoung add ons for probably close to the same amount… I will stick with a cooler at a 3rd the price on my boat.

  2. Thats why I buy coolers. I’m a firm believer that my cooler helps me catch all of my fish.

    Always loved DeYoung’s work – very cool options for YETI owners. I sell a ton of YETI coolers and accessories at my shop back home – you’d be surprised how many people are excited about this options for their coolers. Nice idea.

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