New X-Series Reels From Nautilus

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Nautilus raises the bar one more time with this new offering.

Rumors have been flying for a while now about a radical new trout reel from Nautilus. The X-Series reels are certainly radical. Unbelievably light and yet totally ridged. The frame of the reel is a simple X-shaped strut, billet machined and engineered as a torsion box, which makes it incredibly strong in spite of its light weight. It covers just enough of the spool to protect it from damage.

These reels are the perfect compliment for today’s ultra-light weight rods. They have a powerful carbon fiber and Teflon drag system with virtually no startup inertia. Plenty of drag for any species. The X-Series were designed for trout anglers but are available for lines up to 8 weight and all are rated for saltwater.

X-Series Sizes: XS 3.25”2-4wt, XM3.5”4-6 wt, XL4” 6-7Wt, XL MAX 4” same as XLframe but spool is for 8/9 wt

Watch this video to get all the details and see the new X-Series reel.

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4 thoughts on “New X-Series Reels From Nautilus

  1. Meh, it’s ok.
    Perhaps too lite if you have an older rod.
    $350. For a trout reel seems high when, for trout,all you need is a line management reel.
    Indeed they make nice stuff though.

    • I loved my 4 wt Helios 2 and Nautilus reel to Justin the other day. He was pretty stoked to have some good “line management” when he hooked a 29″ brown trout. This fish of a lifetime was brought to you by Nautilus…literally.

      • I’ll agree with both of you. Am I going to spend $350 for a reel that is solely meant for an Appalachian Brookie setup? No. My battenkill does just fine. But I make sure to have a reel with a decent drag for the rest of my setups whether they be for trout, bass, or saltwater. You just never know when that monster is gonna strike and give you a run for your money. Yes they’re more expensive, but those higher-end reels have their place.

  2. As guide for almost 20 years, I can say without a doubt that if you’re fishing any medium to large size trout river where you’re fishing 4-6 weight rods. You need a reel with a good drag system!

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