New Technical Outerwear From Simms

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A bold new look borrowed from the military.

Simms really stepped up their outerwear line this year. The new G4 pro jacket begs the question, “How much farther can you go?” The features of this jacket are amazing. The fit is outstanding and the design is inspired. I’ve had a couple of Simms jackets and this one is my favorite by far. Simms worked with US military contractors on the design and it’s bad to the bone. The new black model has the look to back it up.

In addition the new Kinetic Jacket is a well thought out update of one of my favorite Simms insulating pieces. A great combination of PrimaLoft and Polartec Wind Pro fleece that’s both warm and durable. These two pieces together will keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the weather gets.

Check out this video and Rich Hohne will walk you through all the features of the new Simms outerwear.

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One thought on “New Technical Outerwear From Simms

  1. That G4 Pro Jacket looks impressive, but so is the price. I guess I’m dating myself, but I actually spent less than that on my first car (OK, “car” is a stretch, but it ran for a while). I’ll just have to stick with my old, less cool, jacket.

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