New Simms Headwater Pro Waders

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Simms has a new, made in Bozeman, Gore-Tex wader at an attractive price.

Simms has made the Headwaters wader for some time now, so what’s new about the Headwaters Pro? Basically, Simms has stolen a lot of great design from themselves. The new Headwaters Pro wader has many of the dynamite features of the Famous G-3 wader for $100 less.

Some of the new features include:

 *   New patterning based on best-ever G3 Guide Stockingfoot

 *   New top pocket array and feature set including molle webbing and two pockets

 *   New lower leg with front and back center-seam (patented) and reinforcement with an additional 4th layer on lower-leg for durability.

Watch this video for all the details on the new Headwaters Pro wader from Simms.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “New Simms Headwater Pro Waders

  1. I’m a fisherman that hates to be tied down. I mostly do the dry fly thing cause it’s tough to give up when you’ve been doing it for almost 50 years. I am only 57 but I have something interesting for you to do. I’m now a one-legged man due to a construction accident and I can no longer wade the waters because of my prosthetic. I can’t get waders on unless my friend drives. I would have to put them on prior to leaving my house. I don’t want to sit around in waders before or after my fishing excursions. I usually only go 6 days a week and my wife loves it. I don’t know if it’s because I can fish or she wants me out of the house. Anyway, I can change the heel height to the proper adjustment but I can’t get a pair of boots that I either can’t get the fake foot in or I tear them putting them on. I sure would enjoy wading again because I am not able to fish a lot of places because I can’t wade around obstructions on the bank. Give me a hint as to maybe you have something to make for me. I’m open to suggestions, free gifts or something. Most guys I fish with made the suggestion to talk with you about making something that I can use and we all know that I’m not the only guy to benefit from this.

    Ed Gapinski
    423 Water Street
    Johnsonburg, PA. 15845

    • Ed, my son is in the same situation, work place accident, lower leg prosthesis. He was very active in the outdoors; fishing, hunting, skiing etc. Of them all the fishing has been the most difficult of obstacles to overcome, especially wading. We have searched all over and could find nothing that helps except to use his first prosthesis and leave it in the wader and change legs at the fishing spot. I wish there were some organization like Wounded Warrior for regular citizens. Good luck to you.

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