New Shirts and Pants From True Flies

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If you’re looking for true high end technical clothing, look no farther than True Flies.

I have a couple of pieces of True Flies clothing and I’ve been really impressed at how they perform. The quality is the amazing. Really the nicest clothing I own, for fishing or otherwise. Honestly, dressing me up is just putting lipstick on a pig, but if care about how you look and you want well designed, well made fishing clothing that feels amazing, holds up to abuse and has all the technical features you need, True Flies might be your brand.


In this video Cole Fairbanks shows off some of what’s new for True Flies in 2016.

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “New Shirts and Pants From True Flies

  1. This is something that has bothered me a long time about fishing apparel from all US companies (Simms, Patagonia, Columbia, LL Bean, etc.). It’s designed and sized for big Americans. Look at those arm holes on the shirts! My leg would fit easily and I’m 6ft 160 lbs. We Europeans are a lot slimmer and the sizing really messes it up.

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