New Reels From Allen Flyfishing

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Allen brings it home to the USA.

Allen Flyfishing has been getting plenty of attention with their colorful fly reels aimed at the angler on a budget. The import models, starting as low as $139 for freshwater and $209 for salt, offer the some sweet features at a intro level price.

This year Allen is introducing an made in the USA reel. The Omega, made in Detroit, is a powerful and stylish saltwater reel for $575. I’ve had the chance to fish the Omega and I’ve been very pleased with its performance.

Watch this video for all the info on the 2015 ALLEN FLY REELS.

Louis Cahill
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5 thoughts on “New Reels From Allen Flyfishing

  1. I don’t understand the bright and flashy colors. I don’t know if it actually can spook fish, but it’s one more thing that might.

  2. Made in Detroit… gotta love it!!!! There is a big push for made in Detroit products. Good thing…cause they aren’t building cars there anymore!

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