New Products From Tenkara USA

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Tenkara USA is fine-tuning their presentation.

I love these rods and the company that makes them. This year Tenkara USA is focusing on the details, with an ingenious line keeper, new Tenkara kits and new and improved rod tubes. If you’ve never tried Tenkara, it’s way past time. Its fun, easy and affordable.

Shop for Tenkara USA.

Watch this video to see new products from Tenkara USA.

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2 thoughts on “New Products From Tenkara USA

  1. Nice interview Louis. I love the bonus idea of carrying the Tenkara for the occasional riser. That fits well with my needs when I wade the local Tailwater here in North Georgia. I generally take two rods and keep a dry fly rod in my Polaris, but I often go too far downstream to go back to fetch the dry fly rig. Your approach is much more functional than changing rigs or going ashore for the other rod. Thanks, man.

  2. Love my keeper, for anyone thinking of getting one the side with the “teeth” will keep a furled or hybrid line but the smooth side is more for level line or better yet tippet. If you want to carry a separate furled or hybrid line just carry an extra spool of a different length as I know we all run in that situation from time to time we tangle a leader or need a longer one. This will save you much frustration.

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