New Products From Fishpond for 2015

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Always innovative, always stylish, always quality.

Fishpond set the standard in the fly fishing industry for packs and luggage with innovative designs, rugged materials and a unique visual aesthetic. Their offering for 2015 are no exception, but there’s more coming down the pipe from Fishpond than we’re used to.

New packs and bags focus on waterproof closures, recycled fishnet fabrics and improved ergonomics. You’d expect that, but how about a sling pack that incorporates a pistol holster? Did you see that coming?

The line of already awesome Nomad nets expands for next year as does the entire accessory line. Fishpond is clearly not content to leave the bar where it’s set. Check out the video to see some of the awesomeness from Fishpond for 2015.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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8 thoughts on “New Products From Fishpond for 2015

  1. Cool to see that they’re expanding the line of nomad nets. I’ve really enjoyed my hand net and guide net. I plan on getting the mid-length for this winter. Looks like they’re playing around with some new color schemes as well. The heat packing sling is a pretty neat idea. You never know when you might need some protection while out in the country. I definitely like where Fishpond is going with their new products.

    • Then don’t buy it…I will be, however, as most of my fishing is done in lion country or in town where my friend and his dog were attacked by two loose pitbulls…

    • It doesn’t have to be “cool” to be applicable. It would be nice if everyone and everything in this world had good intentions.

  2. Love the sling pack with the pistol holder. It’s scary coming across fresh mountain lion scat and caches of buried prey while on the river, especially with clients. This pack will get some serious consideration by me.

  3. Thanks for being our man in Orlando, Louis. Love the quality of your gear videos and interviews. Right to the point.

    Leave it to Fishpond to come up with practical gear improvements year after year. Wish I could afford every one of these items. I will have to settle for one or maybe two.

  4. Functionally, this stuff is great. I just can’t get past the “look” of their packs. Their design sense is so different from the rest of the industry. It’s one thing to be unique, but I think most times they’re off the tracks. Those nets are quite another thing. 🙂

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