New Airflo Fly Lines For 2015

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Airflo is always innovating fly lines.

There are a bunch of new lines from Airflo this year. A little something for everyone. New Super Dri skagit heads and running lines for steelheaders. Two new single hand lines specificly for Atlantic salmon. A new competition euro-nymphing line and a stealth taper trout line that’s actually camo printed.

I took a few minutes with Tim Rajeff at IFTD 2015 to talk about the new offerings from Airflo. Watch the video for all the details.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “New Airflo Fly Lines For 2015

  1. I can’t wait until Airflo and everybody else making sinking tips figure out a way to clearly–emphasise clearly–identify sink tip sink rates. Airflo’s idea ois that you should be able to tell the one from the other by the color of the tip. Just try figuring the differnence between their fast sinking, extra fast skinking, and super extra fast sinking tips (I’m not making up the names). Try distinguishing the brown, form the grey, from the dark grey when you’re fishing on any steelhead river on any day other than clear and sunny. No can do. I’ve got three new packets of #3 Rio’s Replacement Tips. They are supposed to be distinguishable by the color of the tip-to-head connector. Each of the three tip-to-head connectors are of a different shade of a color that does not compare all that strictly to the listed color. Yellow? Yellowish green? Greenish yellow? Greenish yellow?

    Fact: they human eye’s ability to distinguish color diminishes with age. Another fact: The male eye is less able to distinguish color the female eye. Final fact: I do not fish with April Volkey and she, like me, is getting older and, unless the fly line people get it together, will not be able to help in any case.

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