Mystic Fly Rods, This One’s For The Ladies

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Screen-Shot-2014-12-17-at-4.31.51-PMGreat new two handers and a speciality rod for women that isn’t pink.

I’ve been really impressed with the rods I’ve fished from this little Michigan company. Especially the two hand rods. The action is sweet and the quality of the components and finish are remarkable. Great quality rods at a middle of the road price. You get an awful lot for your money with a Mystic.

This year at IFTD, Mystic unveiled a couple of new Spey offerings in 7 & 8 weights. I’ve not had the chance to fish them but they feel awesome. Much like other Mystic two handers I’ve used. Also new in the mystic line is the Sapphyre, a fly rod designed specifically for women. And it’s not pink! It’s lovely in fact, with a scaled down grip which is very comfortable.

In this video Dennis Klein shows off the new goods and tells us a little more about each rod.

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2 thoughts on “Mystic Fly Rods, This One’s For The Ladies

  1. My Mystic 5 wt switch rod has been a very versatile Alaska trout rod. I’ll be looking at the new Mystric spey rods too, even if Dennis’ limited edition version might come in pink.

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