Light Where You Need It

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Matching the Evening Hatch Photo by Louis Cahill

The sun has dipped below the horizon and the evening chill is in the air.

You’ve got maybe thirty more minutes to fish if you push it. The hatch is on and you can hear fish rising all around you as you struggle in the waning light to change your fly. The fish keep rising and so does your blood pressure but the eye of the hook continues to evade you.

That sounds familiar doesn’t it? I know my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I’ve used a clip on head lamp for years but it frustrates me. When I lift my head to look through my bifocals the light is shining over my hands and I always feel like I’m spooking fish with that lighthouse on my hat. Then I saw my niece and nephew playing with their Christmas stockings. They had the answer to my problem. Finger lights! They slip right on to your finger with an adjustable elastic band and put ample light right where you need it to tie on flies. Best of all they’re super cheap. Seven dollars for a pile of them so who cares if you dunk them in the river and if you happen to find yourself at a rave on the way home, you’re set! Just add XTC.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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3 thoughts on “Light Where You Need It

  1. Great tip and lol at the ending.
    Skylarking is a great album but somewhat pre dates the Molly EDM era.
    I’ll definitely try the finger light tip

    Keep up the awesome work, brightens up my Monday’s

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