Groovy Gear From Flood Tide Co

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Flood Tide is as much a movement as a clothing company.

It’s been so much fun over the last year to see my good friend, and G&G contributor, Paul Puckett become the fastest rising star in the world of fly fishing art. It’s well deserved. Paul’s rise to fame has been a real grass roots phenomenon. Fueled largely by his philosophy of bringing art to the people and it sparked the creation of The Flood Tide Company.

Paul’s large scale fine art paintings are remarkable, but it has been his funny and often sarcastic Lampoons of pop-culture icons that have launched him into to public eye. Once he and his co-conspirators Will Abbott and Anheuser-Busch came up with the idea of putting those sketches on T-shirts and technical clothing they were unstoppable.

This year Flood Tide is branching out with new designs, new artists and some non-wearable products. It’s all great stuff and all art for the people.

Check out this video where Will walks us through some of the new products from Flood Tide Company.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Groovy Gear From Flood Tide Co

  1. Love these types of interviews, Louis. You get to see the type of people you are buying gear from, which is a value-added benefit in long distance purchases.

    The partner/artist in this duo, Paul Puckett, painted portraits of two of our beloved (and now sainted retrievers). Paul is a great guy who deserves every bit of his success.

    Love the protective reel cover. Squeezed line on rigged rods is the reason I do not like the ones I have, and I will definitely get the Flood Tide version. Protecting reels is so important. An unprotected encounter with a rock or hard floor could disable a reel in a heartbeat.

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