Gore-Tex Exstream Hat by Simms

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Gore-Tex Exstream Hat by Simms. My pride and joy. Photo: Louis Cahill

Spring, Fall and Winter I have a close companion that travels with me at all times. It never leaves my truck unless I’m wearing it out in the field. I’ve grown to love it like a best friend. It never lets me down, it always has my back and I’ve yet to find a product on the market today that can outperform or substitute it. The Gore-Tex Exstream Hat by Simms is my companion, my pride and joy. Without question, it’s the best windproof and waterproof hat I’ve ever worn, and provides me with the extreme weather armor and comfort to tackle the nastiest conditions the outdoors can dish out. Simply put, the Simms Extream Gore-Tex Hat keeps me from yelling Uncle when everyone else on the water is packing it in and calling it a day. Wearing it, I noticeably am able to stay out on the water longer, and more time on the water means, I catch more fish. Its exceptional design and durable construction is sure to out last lots of my other fly fishing gear, and I now no longer find myself hesitant to step out into the elements, no matter how bad it looks out there. The Simms Extream Gore-Tex Hat provides me performance that I can count on, and I’m very happy to spread the word to all of our Gink & Gasoline followers. This is a piece of gear you need to purchase folks. It’s worth every penny I promise. I wouldn’t part with it if someone offered me a crisp $100 bill, and I genuinely mean that. Thank you Simms and Gore for partnering up and creating this exceptional extreme all-weather hat. It sure is nice having the water to myself, ha ha.

For more information or where to purchase a companion of your own, click the link below. It retails for $59.95, one size fits all. Gore-Tex outershell, thick fleece lining and heavy duty velcro straps.



It doesn’t mater if it’s pouring down rain, blowing twenty mile per hour freezing winds or bone chilling single-digit temperatures outside, once I plop the Gore-Tex Exstream Hat by Simms on my head and batten down the hatches, the nasty weather has little effect on my enjoyment of the outdoors. Try it for yourself and you’ll see why I love this hat so much. Your head, neck and ears will never feel cold again.

Keep it Reel,

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Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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8 thoughts on “Gore-Tex Exstream Hat by Simms

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been eyeing that hat for a while, but am hesitant because of the one-size-fits-all. Any input on fit for those of us with big heads? (There’s no place within 100 miles for me to actually go try it on…)

    • Ben,

      I’ve had no problems with the one size fits all. If you have an extra small head you could always throw on a beanie to snug it up. Louis has a smaller head than me and it fit him fine. The velcro straps allow for a wide range of tightening. I say go get one and you have nothing to worry about.


  2. Ben,
    I have had this hat for a couple of seasons now and love it.Folks say I have a swollen head and yet it fits me great. Whether you are fishing or stuck on a tractor buck loading snow it is worth every dime.

  3. I’m glad to see that you enjoy your Simms Ex-Stream hat, but it’s just a knock-off of the Filson Wildfowl and Upland Hat that’s been around for, oh, the last half-century or so. I have two, one in blaze and one in brown camo, and like you, I’m never without it in cool, cold, and/or rainy weather. Also, it beats the Stormy Kromer by a mile in REALLY cold weather (and I grew up next to the town where the Kromers are made, so I had to try one. Nope!). You can even get one in blaze orange so your fellow steelhead chuck ‘n duckers can see where you are and avoid the general vicinity with their lead-loaded casts.
    Check out the Filson online site – you’ll find a lot to like.
    I’m well into my second half-century of fly tying and going strong!

    • Greg,

      If your talking about the one with a 2″ bill it does look nice, but it doesn’t look waterproof, just repellent. I also prefer a longer bill but it does look like a snazzy hat, I’ll give you that. For now i’m perfectly content with the Simms version. Looks like the big brother of the two if you ask me. Everyone has there favorites though and I respect that.


      • Thanks for the answer, Kent- we each have our favorite, and that’s what keeps things interesting! Your blog is great for getting out these different ideas and opinions – so we can try out the ones that look good. I suppose the Simms would be better for keeping the rain off one’s glasses (which I wear), but I like the shorter Filson bill for bowhunting. Things to consider! Of course, that’s why we always need one more hat – or rod – or line – maybe an old truck…….;-)

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