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By Carter Lyles

IFTD was an amazing opportunity for us to see all the different fly-fishing products out there.

One business that stood out to me was a company called Fly Vines. Based out of Missoula, Montana, Fly Vines was started by Erin Kane who saw the potential in using recycled fly line to create accessories that she could turn around and sell. She currently makes bracelets, lanyards, and eyeglass retainers out of fly line. How freaking cool is that?

I took five bracelets home with me from IFTD and within the first day I was back in St. Simons, friends took them all. Thankfully I still have mine on my wrist as well as a pair of eyeglass retainers for my Chromapops! It has almost been a week and I have received so many compliments on my Fly Vines accessories that I’ve actually saved their website on a tab on my phone so that I could show people where I got it from!

Why do I like Fly Vines so much? Because first of all anything made with fly line is cool and secondly it is something totally new, innovative and upcoming. Each accessory comes in an array of different colors and I’m surprised Erin can make them as fast as she does! Take the time today to check out their website and place an order for some really awesome products!

Carter Lyles
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6 thoughts on “Fly Vines

  1. I own a few flyvines bracelets and I really like them. I get compliments on them quite often as well, and people always ask me who made them for me. They’re typically surprised and intrigued when I explain they’re made from recycled fly line. I always receive good feedback on them. Definitely a cool product!!!

  2. I just read this and purchased one of their sunglass retainers for my Costas. Looking forward to getting it!

    Carter, the hyperlink issue can be fixed by editing the original post by adding http:// before the www on the hyperlink so the link reads “” in the href property. That will fix it!

  3. Unbeknownst to my wife I bought several eyeglass leashes. When she saw me that afternoon wearing one on our way to dinner, she said, “that is really cool! Where’s mine?”. My stash is now -1 and she is looking sassy.

  4. Thanks guys. But LANCE GLEASON came up with the idea
    ERIN is one of my best friends wife. She is partnered up with me in the bussiness

    Come back in little bit we are working on some exciting new products

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