Fishpond 2014 Fly Fishing Gear and Product Video

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Fishpond has built a loyal consumer following over the years from its long standing tradition of manufacturing highly functional and durable fly fishing gear.

The first boat bag and waist pack that I started out guiding with were made by Fishpond, and both of them are still in working condition after several years of abuse. New for 2014, Fishpond introduced their Eco-Friendly Tech LTE series of packs, all made from recycled commercial nylon fishing nets. They also added a Roll-Top Boat Bag to their waterproof Westwater Collection and they acquired Nomad Nets which are loved my hardcore anglers and arguably the most badass fly fishing nets in the industry.

Check out the product video below from the IFTD show in Las Vegas featuring Kara Armano as she talks about each product line in detail.

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