Adipose Boats Get Even Better

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I love nothing more than spreading the word about people I believe in.

That’s how I feel about the folks at Adipose Boatworks. These guys from Montana make the best drift boat I’ve ever rowed. This year I was proud to have my Adipose at IFTD in Orlando. It was so cool to see how folks reacted to my boat. It’s plenty clear that I’m not the only one who loves Adipose.

Adipose has a couple of new tricks up their sleeve this year. The coolest being the new Pro-Loks oar system. Super high-tech oars and oar locks that are wonderfully smooth, amazingly light and completely silent. They’re pretty slick.

In this video Mike Ward walks us through the new features.

Want more? Here’s last years Adipose video which shows more of the features that make this boat rock.

Louis Cahill
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