2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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If your like me you hate making a Christmas list. Good thing we’ve done it for you!


Whether your looking for ideas for your own list or shopping for that special angler in your family, we’ve got your Holiday gift list covered. Here’s a list of this year’s hottest fly fishing gifts. From stocking stuffers to to flat out mind blowers, there’s something for the fishiest of Santas. We even included links to make it super easy.


A word about those links. Many of them are what’s called affiliate links. That means this if you use them to buy G&G makes a small percentage. It costs you no more. That money helps us produce the content you love. It’s an easy way to support G&G. We know you have a lot of options. We thank you for choosing to use ours.


xzinger-with-s-at-size333.png.pagespeed.ic.MQQrZU5U9bAbel Zinger– dependable, high quality, and unmatched attention to detail. $50 may seem a bit excessive to some, but is sure to prove cheaper in the long run after continually replacing ‘lesser’ zingers year after year.
xg3-guide_-jacket-lead_f15.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qY-yy0rO8LG3 Guide Jacket– New design is 25% lighter. Dry Cuff sleeves keep you dry when releasing fish. A dynamite fishing jacket that will keep you comfortable no matter how bad the weather.




xwaderwick-core-bottom-boulder_f15.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UemtUBgNWPSimms WW Layering–  TopBottom– The importance of proper layering may be one of the most misunderstood areas of fly-fishing. Do yourself a favor and quit wearing jeans under your waders. Step into some quality Simms Wader Wick Layering and get ready to enjoy a much more comfortable day on the water.COR3 technology in the fabric reduces smell.


xlpsll_224.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6tQNZOnfE9T&T LPS-II– great medium action that is perfectly at home in a variety of trout fishing situations. While most at home fishing dry flies to rising trout, this rod is going to be just as capable tossing around light nymph rigs and small streamers when the time arises.


xangle-full.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1tBR0diGGjScott Meridian– A high performance saltwater fly rod with a touch that will make you smile. The perfect mix of power and finesse, the Meridian will make a short, soft shot or drop the long bomb.
xsuperfine_glass_4wt.jpg.pagespeed.ic.LxV5Iz8tBiOrvis Superfine Glass– There’s nothing like the feel of glass and this rod is one of the most versatile glass rods on the market. The perfect rod for the small stream enthusiast.
echo_glass_vignetteEcho Glass Switch and Spey– Thanks to Echo two handed casters now enjoy the fun of fishing glass. Whether it’s for trout, steelhead or any species you use switch rods to chase, any fish is more fun on glass.
xsage-2012-one-rod_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VtX_8TCxbBSage One Spey– pure performance for the steelhead and salmon angler. The one Spey is a cannon. If you enjoy launching tight loops and swinging flies this rod will put you in your happy place.


xiwana12ii_full.gif.pagespeed.ic.I1UTPXlyv9.pngTenkara USA Iwana– Fun for the experienced angler and a perfect learning tool for those new to fly fishing. Tenkara is the fastest growing segment of fly fishing. These little rods are easy to carry anywhere, quick to set up and super effective at catching fish. The Iwana (as in Iwana catch that fish) is a great all around rod.


nautilus-silver-king-silver-3_276_detailNautilus Silver King–  The ultimate in big game fly reels. The Silver King delivers dependable power, maximum line pickup and ergonomic design, all in an ultra-light weight package. Everything you need to control the fight. (Choose Silver King in reel size field.)
xorvis_battenkill_reel.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JX596vN0XPOrvis Batenkill–  Classic and basic, there’s a lot of bang for the buck in this little trout reel. Ideal for lighter line weights. I have one I’ve fished since the 1990s and it works like the day I got it.
xg4_boa_boot_8-3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.rxDIsI1vYEG4 Guide Boot– Aside from the proven on-off ease that provided by the Boa lacing system, the best part about this boot is the Rivertread footbed. This advanced platform minimizes rigid materials in eschange for maximized proprioception- your ability to feel and adapt to an ever-changing underfoot environment. Simply put, you’ll be able to feel every rock, stick or snag on the riverbed like never before.


xquickstash-lanyard-kit-black_s16.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JcJjV9rgj2Simms Quick Stash Lanyard– A new take an old fly-fishing accessory favorite. Interchangeable magnetic quick attachment system allows you to customize the lanyard for whatever the day has in store.
xyeti_hopper_front_2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Bf-Ii_e_BSYeti Hopper– Perfect for the back of your SUV or to toss into the drift boat. Holds ice and is much more convenient than a standard Yeti cooler when you don’t need to carry much more than a case of beer and lunch.
xweb_tlbeast_aa-goty.gif.pagespeed.ic.3LSOuySUPI.jpgVedavoo Tightlines Beast Sling Pack– biggest feature in this new model is that it holds a cliff beast jr. box. The highest made in USA Quality. Outstanding design. This pack will last a lifetime.



95_1101Finn Utility Essex Side Bag– The absolute finest craftsmanship and American-made quality. these packs are rugged and finished to the finest detail. Sure to become an heirloom.


x211255_quest_trail_grey_exploded_1500p.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lNJN7M_ZBPGrayl Quest On-The-Go Water Filtration System– this is seriously the most badass new product I’ve gotten lately. I’ve used it in half a dozen different rivers so far and it works like a charm. French press style with different filters to handle everything from tap water to international travel, which will keep you safe from diseases and bacteria.
816cgkAFeML._SL1500_Serak Hammock–  Perfect for backcountry camping or backyard beer drinking, this light weight and durable camping hammock has become a serious part of my fishing gear. It’s a gift anyone would enjoy.
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.14.17 PMTrue Flies Bokellia Tattersall Shirt–  The best fishing shirt money can buy, hands down. Stylish and comfortable in the hottest weather but also bullet proof. It doesn’t stain or discolor, even when things get messy.
cd155-005-139-1_c-rt_3World Vision Fish Pond–  Sometimes the best gifts don’t come in gift wrap. For a donation of $250 World Vision will help build and stock a pond for a family in need. They provided the nets to harvest fish and set a family on the path to being self sufficient. Give a pond in your loved one’s name. World Vision is a reputable charity which my wife and I have supported for some time.
x136-large-xlg.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CGktrj8XTqRising Nets–  These rugged aluminum nets are light weight and versatile. The 24 inch handles have knurled grips that don’t slip when wet and feature waterproof storage inside. The baskets are big and fish-friendly rubber. Great in the boat or on foot.
SUP_Cover_No_Deets_grandeSmithfly SUP–  these inflatable stand up paddle boards were designed with anglers in mind. They pack up nicely for travel so you can get on fish anywhere you go. Whether your on the river, lake or flats this SUP is a fishy ride.
xwestwater_rolltop_backpack.jpg.pagespeed.ic.C4rIAVVM0jFishpond Westwater Rolltop Backpack– This is one of my favorite pieces of gear. Keep your camera, clothes and lunch absolutely dry when the worst happens. This pack seamlessly goes from carry-on to boat bag when traveling to fish. It’s tough as nails and incredibly versatile. The front zipper pocket is perfect for an iPad.
HUGE5G&G Hosted Trips– It goes without saying that the best gift of all time would be a G&G hosted fishing trip. Join us in the Bahamas, Patagonia, the Deschutes Steelhead Camp or Upper Parana Golden Dorado trip. Get all the info HERE!

Happy Holidays from Gink and Gasoline!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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8 thoughts on “2015 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Great list, I would take a $50 zinger like that any day! I also like the Batenkill, I bet that would go great aesthetically and performance wise with the Superfine Glass. The one thing I think you are missing is the Orvis Recon. I think that would make a fantastic gift.

  2. Hi!

    I see you recommend the Scott Meridian. Can you describe how this rod differs from the T&T Solar? I´m asking since I know you have experience with both.

    Cheers Thomas

    • Both great rods and they remind me of each other. I would call the Meridian a more technical rod. It is lighter and responded to a lighter touch. It also works best with a longer belly line. Delicate and mote technical all around, which is not to say it will not throw the whole line. It will.

      The solar, which I love too, is a more aggressive taper. It likes a firm hand and it’s a monster in the wind. I’m 6’4″ with a powerful casting stroke and it performs really, really well for me but I’ve seen less powerful casters struggle with it.

      These rods are equal in my opinion. The choice is about casting style and conditions. Make sense?

  3. Hi agains and thanks for taking time to answer my question. When you say that the Solar has a more aggressive taper, do you mean that it is stiffer, or that it is more of a tip-actioned rod, or both?

    Cheers Thomas

    By the way – great blog!

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