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By Carter Lyles

Matt Smythe is just as good a writer as he is knowledgeable of fly-fishing, and his fly-fishing blog is killer.

Matt grew up fly-fishing and took up his passion in writing as a freelance writer. I gave Matt a call the other week and we discussed fly-fishing as well as his fly-fishing journey.

Here’s what he had to say:
He created his blog, The Fishing Poet, as something fun and enjoyable to do for a passion that is near to his heart.

But Matt told me the main reason he began writing was because of his kids.

“I wanted to write because I wanted to have something my kids could see one day and cherish…something that their old man did,” Matt said.

When I asked him about his favorite article that he has written he couldn’t settle on just one…

“Carter, if I had to pick it would actually be a series of articles that I wrote about on our trips out to Idaho on the Snake River.”

Writing about his experience out west was definitely his favorite topic and I was blown away when I read his posts on the subject!


You’ll have to visit his site: in order to read his thrilling and unique content! Check it out and I promise you won’t be dissatisfied! Awesome job by Matt and some very well written articles.

Carter Lyles
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Fishing Poet

  1. Matt’s is one of a small handful of blogs that has lifted the literary level of what has been written about our sport online. His “Fishing Poet” and Erin Block’s “Mysteries Internal” were inspiring and demonstrated that the very best fishing commentary was usually not really about the fishing at all, but instead reflected the life that went on around it. Doing that well, with passion and clarity and insight, is no small thing.

    A well deserved shoutout.

    • Thanks, Carter, for the shout! I appreciate very much that you (and others) enjoy the words I manage to find and scratch down on the blog.

      And thanks Mike. As always, I’m humbled by your kind words and to be included in such fantastic company.

      • Mike,
        Any idea what has happened to mysteries internal. The writing here was very strong, but it has gone quite. Looking forward to digging into the fishing poet site.

        • Erin’s become a busy young lady and a hot literary commodity. She is Editor-at-Large for TU’s TROUT magazine, writes regularly for that and other publications, provides daily content for Midcurrent, and has published a book or two over the past couple of years (and I suspect that there’s more in the works.) She’s a rare talent.

          Besides, she somehow has to keep Jay Zimmerman in check. There alone, she has her hands full.

          While I lament her hiatus from Mysteries Internal, seeing her be so successful on a much larger stage is a joy and comes as no surprise at all for those of us who have followed her work.

  2. Matt is one of those guys that is not only an excellent writer, but also a really good dude. We’ve been connecting since his blog first started years ago and we were both new to the scene many years ago. I finally got to shake his hand when he came to Denver for the premier of his film, A Deliberate Life, and we ended up hanging out several nights that weekend. Since his removal of his facebook account, it’s been tougher, but we still talk and IM every now and then. The dude is choice. Come back to Denver sometime Matty.


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