Saturday Shoutout / Hex Season

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An interesting bit of perspective, history and, well…argument on some of Michigan’s most famous trout waters.

Interesting in trout fishing the holy waters of Michigan? How about boat choice and guide politics? It seems like any more you can’t pick up a fly rod without someone taking issue. In the end, we all have water to share and how we do it says a great deal about us as anglers and as people.

This essay from True North Trout is one of the most thoughtful pieces I’ve seen on the subject. If you’re inclined to think about such things, it’s worth your time.



Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Hex Season

  1. Oh don’t I know those same feelings. I’m on the mainstream just below the north branch. I like my drifter better than my long boat and especially at night. If you’re following fishermen’s etiquette I don’t care if you’re floating on a log. We all have a right to use the river. Amen Alex. Btw check out his “hex talk”. Funny stuff one day I gotta book this cat. He’s spot on.

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