Saturday Shoutout / The Last Great Place

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Montana’s Clark Fork system is wild and beautiful, but not without its challenges.

This beautifully shot and edited film from Zangs Flims, sourced from The Venturing Angler, will leave you yearning for some real adventure. Beautiful scenery, great fishing and some knowledge about one of America’s greatest rivers.

“Join us as we embark on a week long, self-guided fly fishing trip to explore the unbelievably beautiful, natural landscapes that characterize the headwaters of the immense Clark Fork watershed, and document the sights and sounds of the abundance of wildlife that inhabits this ever-shrinking expanse of western wilderness – an area that many have come to call, The Last Great Place.

To learn more about how you can contribute to much-needed and ongoing conservation efforts in this alluring slice of western Montana, feel free to visit the Clark Fork Coalition’s website below:”


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