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Congress is considering a bill to sell America’s public lands to the highest bidder.

The United States of America has has the greatest collection of public lands on the planet. Within them are the waters in which we anglers we spend the better parts of our lives. We can not afford to have this precious resource sold out from under us.

Check out this short film by Trout Unlimited, featuring John LeCoq of Fishpond. I’m sure you will agree that we can and must preserve our American birthright. Got to the TU page to see how you can help.


Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Public Lands, Public Hands

  1. Now you know what bahamian guides feel, by not having our previous resource sold out from under us. I hope you fly fishermen are successful get what your about to fight for. Even though ministry of tourism sold us out to the world.

  2. I’m not an American, but love the freedom and space I feel in America when I have the good fortune to fish in States such as Colorado. Many parts of Europe, and particularly the UK, do not have these “rights of access”, mainly because the best rivers and lands have been privatised. It would not be good for any legislature that contains any possible threat to the “rights of access” for flyfishermen, and others, which would remove those basically American rights across what are now public lands.

    I felt so strongly about these matters as a young boy that I had no problems in occasionally wetting a line in the river belonging to local “Lord of the Manor” as my inherent right to access the land. Not sure I would do it now, but it was fun at the time. 🙂

  3. This is very ironic, considering (when floatable) I’ve fished a river in CO through a “private” stretch that John’s ranch resides on… I’m not saying John is a culprit of this, but his neighbors sure put up a stink when they see boats floating by on “their water”. If he could go ahead and email this video over to his neighbors that sure would be nice.

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