3 Tips for Nymphing Success

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Smart Nymphing I can’t tell you how many times just this year, that I’ve heard clients tell me no wonder I’m not catching very many fish nymphing on my own. For most novice to intermediate fly fishermen they get far less hook-ups than seasoned veterans nymphing for three simple reasons. 1. The difference between an average and advanced nymph fisherman is one split-shot. Often anglers fish the right fly patterns when nymphing but fail to get bites and hook-ups because they don’t have enough split-shot or weight on their nymph rig to get the flies down in time, or to the appropriate level and strike-zone of the fish. I’ve got holes on small streams that I fish that require me to add upwards of three to four BB size split-shot in order for me to get consistent bites. This holds very true in fast water where trout are reluctant to rise up into the current to take a fly for the simple fact that they’ll use more energy than the value of the food specimen. If your nymphing and your not bumping the bottom occasionally during your drift your probably not getting down to the fish, and will fail to get strikes. You don’t want to be hanging up every cast either though. I always set my rig accordingly and if I make a few casts with no bites and no bumps on the bottom you’ll find me adding more split-shot. If after that I know I’m getting down to the strike zone and I’m still not getting bites, you’ll find me changing my fly patterns. 2.  The second reason nymph fishermen fail to get bites is their strike indicator is set too shallow. I had a client this past month that said he nymph fished in the smokies quite … Continue reading

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7 Shots of Alaska by Louis Cahill

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Alaska is awesome…, and in my opinion it’s one of the coolest places to wet a line. Most anglers already know that, especially if they’ve made a trip and witnessed it for themselves. If you’re anything like me though, you never get tired of checking out Alaska fly fishing photos. Check out these seven photos by Louis Cahill while visiting Alaska West this past year. For more information about Alaska fly fishing and planning a trip, visit Deneki Outdoors. Click Photos Thumbnails for Larger Views Keep it Reel, Kent Klewein Gink & Gasoline www.ginkandgasoline.com hookups@ginkandgasoline.com

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