Leaf Hoppers Fly Under the Radar for Most Anglers

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Klewein's Leaf Hopper Terrestrial Pattern.

I love trout fishing during the terrestrial season, and I’m always trying to imitate land born insects that have some how managed to fly under the radar for most anglers. If you live on the East Coast, it’s safe to say you probably will recognize this fly pattern above. The Leaf Hopper “Katydid” can reach three inches in length and offers trout one hell of a meal. From July through September we are covered up with them in the south.

Before I designed this fly I searched all over the internet and failed to find any fly patterns that imitate this species of Leaf Hopper from either fly companies or other fly fishermen. Last season, I landed some giant trout on this fly and I look forward to breaking it out on my guide trips this year the remainder of the terrestrial season. Think outside the box with your fly tying and you may come up with a fly pattern like this, that’s presently under the radar to other anglers. Then you can reap the rewards like I did with this fly pattern.

Leaf Hopper "Katydid"

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Kent Klewein
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