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Meet the Gink and Gasoline Intruder.

I’ve always wanted a camper van to make extended fishing trips easier and more affordable. The problem is, the rest of the world wants one too and prices have gotten out of hand. So I set out to design and build a DIY camper van that gives me everything I need to live comfortably on the road, without the six-figure price tag.

I bought my 2008 Sprinter Van several years ago, fortunately before used vehicle prices went through the roof. It has a few years on it but only about 60K miles when I bought it. I built all the improvements myself for around $2500. I’m in a super comfortable camper for right around $20K total. It took some luck and some work and a lot of head scratching but none of it was really difficult. If you can use a circular saw and a drill, you can do it too!

Check out this video for a complete tour!

Justin Pickett

Gink & Gasoline 

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20 thoughts on “DIY Camper Van Tour

  1. Really nice, Louis. I am impressed by your carpentry, but even more impressed by your design. One question:when you arr ready to move, where’s the wet waders go. The rear view mirror doesn’t seem practical.

  2. That is traveling in style. Really nice job on the slide out drawers! I made my first drive to Colorado from Atlanta to fish in the San Juans this year sleeping in my 4Runner with a homemade sleeping platform. Your van would have made that trip much more comfortable.

  3. Louis

    I am hoping that this camper means you are back in the saddle again and have most of the eye problems in the rear view mirror.
    Great Job. Best of luck on the road!!!

    • Hey Larry, Great to hear from you! I wish I had better news for you man. I’m coming up on surgery #10 soon. Hoping to push it back with meds land enough to get through my Bonefish season. Not going to let it stop me from living the life I want. Just means I have to work harder. Thanks!

  4. A list of the different items you used would be helpful. Like the heavy duty drawers with latches, and some of the products (brand) you found most useful, etc…
    Thanks for sharing, great job!

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