Just When You Think Your Dialed In

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Photo by Louis Cahill

It’s a nineteen hour drive and a thirty minute walk to the spot where the sycamore tree is down across the river, making that sweet seam.

Flies are tied in the truck on the drive up. The color and size that worked last year but with upgraded hooks. Rods and reels have been selected. New lines have been spooled up. Waders patched, hats, gloves, down vests all packed. We’re on the river less than an hour when the first big male brown goes in the net, followed by a nice steelhead. High fives and smiles all around, followed by a toast. We are dialed in, or so it seems.

The next morning we are reminded of a lesson we have learned time and time again. Fish are fickle, conditions change, you always work for your fish. We had gotten to feeling pretty good about ourselves that first day on the river, and why not, it had been awesome. We had come a long way from our home waters, to a very different river and we had fished like champs. The next day we got back to the business of being humble and figuring it out. By the end of the second day we had a few more fish in the net, but they didn’t come easy.

That’s the game isn’t it? Figuring it out. How long would we stay interested in fly fishing if it was easy? If all you had to do was show up and tie on the same fly that worked last year and step into the same run and catch a fish, would we even come back? Probably. It felt pretty damn good that first day, being dialed in. Maybe that was a gift, or maybe it was that second day, the slow day that was the gift. Who can say. What I do know for sure is that I can’t wait to go back next year and figure it out again.

Fortunately Kent has a proven method for turning around a slow day of fishing. Check out the video for the details.

Louis Cahill
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10 thoughts on “Just When You Think Your Dialed In

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  2. Oh, and by the way, it may be spelled “Robitussin”, to those in the know, it is pronounced “Robatism”, kid ya not…

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