The Saltwater 6 Weight, Why I Love It!

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For years now, the saltwater 6 weight has been my secret weapon. The 6 weight sits right on the edge of what’s considered suitable for saltwater. Not every rod manufacturer makes one, and not every saltwater line is available in 6 weight but for those...

Clean Your Rod Right, After Fishing The Salt

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By Bruce Chard IT'S A BAD FEELING TO PULL YOUR ROD OUT OF ITS SOCK ALL CRUSTY AND GREEN. Most anglers know to soak their reels after fly fishing in saltwater but too many guys forget to wash their rod. When heading home from a saltwater fishing...

The Winston B3 Plus, Is this A Turning Point?

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I have loved Winston fly rods since I cast one for the first time, but this is something completely different. I just got my hands on a Winston B3 Plus 11 weight and took it to the Florida Keys for tarpon. I only own a couple...

Scott Meridian Fly Rod: Video

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Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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Cold Fusion-The Scott Meridian

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There's a new breed of fly rod out there. I am a total fly rod geek. I make no apologies for it. Nothing gets me as excited as casting an awesome new fly rod. Especially when that rod represents a change in thinking. Rods like that...