The Saltwater 6 Weight, Why I Love It!

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The Saltwater 6 Recon, From Orvis, is a Beast!

For years now, the saltwater 6 weight has been my secret weapon.

The 6 weight sits right on the edge of what’s considered suitable for saltwater. Not every rod manufacturer makes one, and not every saltwater line is available in 6 weight but for those of us who love them, they are irreplaceable. When I fish my 6 weight for bonefish, I feel like I catch more fish and bigger fish. I also feel like the fish I cast too eat the fly more aggressively. It’s not often you come across a piece of gear capable of changing a fish’s attitude but that’s exactly what the 6 weight does.

I’ve also found that the common perception that you can’t land big fish, or cast a 6 in the wind, is just not true. Granted, there is some technique involved in both but I fish my 6 wt on the flats in wind up to twenty MPH regularly and have landed plenty of bonefish in the ten pound range with it. I’ve landed redfish even larger and one juvenile tarpon. The extra effort you may put into landing a fish is well worth the results.

Skeptical? Watch the video and I’ll explain why the saltwater 6 weight is my favorite fly rod.

Justin Pickett

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2 thoughts on “The Saltwater 6 Weight, Why I Love It!

  1. Very helpful and valid points. I brought my 6wt down to the Bahamas last week and was really glad I did for early mornings when the winds were low and the fish were definitely more spooky. The only thing I’ll change is to go up to an 8wt reel as you pointed out, makes sense with regards to providing more forward internia.

    Hope all is well brotha! Looks like you’re back out there doing what you love, glad to see it!!

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